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Mar 18 2013

Two Reasons to Build Your Own RSS Feed Link

Have you ever wondered what an RSS feed link can do for you? Considering that the Internet has as much junk as it does good information, and RSS feed link is a great way to organize information. Not only does an RSS feed link keep you oroganized, but an RSS feed link lets you constructively contribute to dialogues you may have. This makes RSS feed links an invaluable tool in the life of an advanced Internet user.

The first use of an RSS feed link is that it helps to keep you organized. As previously mentioned, the Internet has a lot of junk that is spewing about, and it is hard to separate junk from valuable information. A proper RSS channel can do that. If you define RSS feeds correctly, than an RSS feed link can discriminate for sites and articles you most want to read, and help you find the most valuable information.

The second use of an RSS feed link is that it lets you contribute to a conversation with an educated mind. By knowing what it is on the Internet that is said about one subject, you do not just have the best knowledge. Rather, you have a spectrum of knowledge about what everyone says on a given subject. You know opinions about everything, from politics to ikebana and shoe polish.

How can you build your own RSS feed link? There are many free RSS feeds you can subscribe to to get an idea. You can also read an RSS feed wiki to get some of the best practices for building your own RSS feed link. If you own a site, there is a WordPress RSS plugin that can help you get started.

Whatever you choose, building your own RSS feed link is a great way to contribute to the conversation. Not only does an RSS feed link help you separate junk from valuable information, but lets you be an educated Internet contributor. You have nothing to lose building your own RSS feed link.

Mar 13 2013

Why You Need an RSS Feed on Your Website

To define RSS feeds, RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. It’s basically a XML feed which is delivered to your subscribers preferred way of reading your blog posts, or your new website content.

Readers are able to subscribe to your RSS Feed through many different options which include Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, and of course, standard email. RSS feeds are a valuable tool for helping people to learn more about your website, business, and business objectives.

There are many options for creating your RSS Feed through your blog. Both Blogger and RSS feed WordPress create your free RSS feeds for you. They offer the wordpress RSS plugin, and all you need to do is get a good publishing tool to make it more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing for your subscribers. Feedburner offers free rss feeds through Google, and has a great publishing tool to make your RSS Feed more attractive.

Free RSS feeds will benefit your visitors with one major reason. They do not have to visit your site every time new content is added. Your visitors do not need to go through the hassle of bookmarking your site and returning back daily to see if there is new any updated content. The trouble with not using free RSS feeds is that people are busy! Many people will forget about your site if they just bookmark it and check back every few days. With an RSS subscribe to your RSS channel, people are able to be reminded and continue to visit your site.

On the other hand, RSS Feeds will be available for your subscribers and they can subscribe to your Feed through many different methods. And the benefit is that they will always read every one of your articles or posts.

If your business is not yet utilizing the help of free RSS feeds, you may want to consider it. Not only does it promote more visits to your page, but it also keeps you fresh in the minds of your consumers.


Free RSS Feeds is your site for hundreds of free RSS feeds, organized into categories by your interest, and ready to embed right into your own page.


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