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Oct 09 2013

What the Latest Tech News? Get It in RSS Feed

Looking for some technology RSS feeds? It is a good idea. RSS feeds are the wave of the internet future and make everything easier and quicker. Never again do you need to wait for a page to load or to constantly keep checking back, looking for updates. If you do not know what RSS feeds are, you had better read on, because you are certainly missing out.

  • Can You Define RSS Feeds?
  • RSS feeds are the actual subscription when you click on an RSS feed link. Anytime you click on one of those links, your computer sends it over to your RSS reader, which collects every single link, and keeps them constantly updated and accurate. Rather than opening the dozens of websites that you check on a daily basis, you only need to subscribe to each page’s RSS feed once. Then you never need to return there, because the news will be brought to you in a convenient little package.

  • What Is an RSS Reader?
  • The RSS reader is the software or webpage that al

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Sep 11 2013

How Much do You Know about RSS? A Three Point Gsuide for Beginner

Did you know that the RSS format was developed back in 1995? Think about how old this is in computer years. Many computers, to give you an idea, didn’t get wireless, high speed internet connections until the late 00′s. RSS, unlike many technologies of its era, has stood the test of time and remained relevant.

A lot of people, though, are still unfamiliar with what exactly RSS accomplishes. In fact, 89% of people don’t even use RSS. Yet, that is. Here is a basic introduction to RSS that will hopefully explain to you what the appeal is.

1. How Would You Define RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are a stream of updated information coming from different websites. Say you like following CNN News, Fox News, and a makeup blog online. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you only need to check one place to get updates from all three sites. No more clicking all over, trying to remember URLs!

2. What is an RSS Reader, How Does That Fit In?

RSS feeds are sort of

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Jul 26 2013

Not a Programmer? WordPress Has You Covered

What IS an RSS reader? An RSS reader is anything that collect RSS feeds. And experienced online users define RSS feeds as the key to keeping current on current events, by making the news come to you.

Creating free RSS feeds is easier than you think. In fact, if you use WordPress, creating a feed is so easy that you probably have already done it, just by writing and posting. WordPress RSS plugins are embedded in the software, and compatible with most of the available themes, so the chances are quite good that your posts have been RSS capable all along.

The kind of RSS feed WordPress helps to create is similar to the kind of feeds generated by news websites, video blogs, and online comics, so readers can aggregate an eclectic mix of online content into one feed reader. The reason this works so smoothly is that RSS links are very simple (after all, the first two letters of RSS stand for “Really Simple”). The code is not complex, providing each feed aggregator with a headline, perhaps a

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Jun 27 2013

RSS is the Easiest Way To Stay Up To Date with All of Your Sites

What is an RSS reader? Before we can address that, I think we need to define RSS feeds first. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. This is way to take the RSS specification that a site offers, and apply it to a specific program known as an RSS reader. When you click on the RSS feed link for Box News, it takes the news from that site, and brings it to your reader. Then you RSS subscribe to info from ESP Sports, and then you get updated sports scores as well. The RSS feed is what content a site puts out, to be viewed in your reader.

A RSS reader, the WordPress RSS plugin is just one example, is the one program that takes all of the feeds that you subscribe to, and keeps them all in order and up to date. It is like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. They keep track of all of your emails, from multiple sources, all in one easy to use, centralized location. This reader can cut down on time going from site to site to visit and read each one, in search of updates. It

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Jun 20 2013

Simplify Your Inbox by Using RSS Feeds

When you want to add free RSS feeds to websites you might realize that it can be useful for a Windows platform. What is so nice about the Windows platform for RSS subscribers is that Windows that integrates with Outlook is also an accepted platform. Literally no one can be left out with so many different options. By including email in the benefits of a news feed for websites the list of people who can add news feed to websites have a chance to get even bigger.

Each browser handles the use of free RSS feeds a little differently. To get the best RSS channel that fits your browser, shopping around is the best way to go. By getting all the information you can about each browser you will be able to choose the one that fits your website the best.

By using an RSS specification for website content internet users are able to only get the information they want. When you adopt free RSS feeds for website content you can start getting more users that only wanted specific things out of the website. This can make for happier internet users because they are not getting a ton of excess information that just takes up space. When you decide to add free RSS feeds to your website content you will be able to simplify things for you and the people that are visiting your website.

There are a lot of different big name websites that use RSS feed links. By starting the use of the free RSS feeds Google has been able to revolutionize the way people use the internet. There is even less hassle involved when people are looking for information that they regularly view on the internet. Websites like BBC Headlines, USA Today, Amazon, ABC News and many more use Google RSS feeds. In addition to all of these websites, for websites that give information about news, RSS feeds can also be very helpful.


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