Sep 11 2013

How Much do You Know about RSS? A Three Point Gsuide for Beginner

Did you know that the RSS format was developed back in 1995? Think about how old this is in computer years. Many computers, to give you an idea, didn’t get wireless, high speed internet connections until the late 00′s. RSS, unlike many technologies of its era, has stood the test of time and remained relevant.

A lot of people, though, are still unfamiliar with what exactly RSS accomplishes. In fact, 89% of people don’t even use RSS. Yet, that is. Here is a basic introduction to RSS that will hopefully explain to you what the appeal is.

1. How Would You Define RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are a stream of updated information coming from different websites. Say you like following CNN News, Fox News, and a makeup blog online. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you only need to check one place to get updates from all three sites. No more clicking all over, trying to remember URLs!

2. What is an RSS Reader, How Does That Fit In?

RSS feeds are sort of like the negatives of a photograph. They have the information you need, but you need another tool to process the images so that you can actually see them the way they’re meant to be seen. In this way, RSS readers are like a dark room, making RSS accessible to end users. Another name for an RSS reader is an RSS channel. Popular RSS readers include The Old Reader, Digg, and Feedly. Wondering why Google Reader doesn’t make the cut? Google discontinued it as a service in July 2013.

3. How Exactly do You Add an RSS Subscription?

First, you’re going to need to sign up for an RSS reader. Most of the most popular options are free. Then you need to look at the website in question for the RSS button or link. Either a link will indicate “RSS Subscribe,” or you will see an orange yellow button with two white lines on it. If neither can be found, you can usually import the URL by copy pasting it into your RSS channel, and the updates should carry over. Popular websites, such as CNN or Youtube, often have specific pages with multiple RSS feed options they have assembled for you.

What sites do you follow with free RSS feeds? Let us know in the comments!


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