Aug 12 2013

RSS Feeds Allow You To Follow Your Favorite Pages In One Spot

RSS, short for Rich Site Summary, is a group of web feed formats to publish frequently updated content in a standard format. Frequently updated content could be a blog, a news website, audio, or video content.

Rich site summary documents are also known as RSS channels or RRS feed.

RSS feeds are read by software called RSS readers, RSS feed readers, or RSS aggregators. What is an RSS reader you ask? An RSS reader can be mobile based, web based, or desktop based.

If you are interested in following the content of a blog or webpage, you can click on the RSS subscribe button on that page.

WordPress is a content management system and blogging tool. RSS WordPress is automatically updated for comments and content. RSS WordPress is able to be disabled, but it prevents readers and subscribers to easily seeing content.

RSS feeds allow subscribers, even multiple RSS feed subscribers, to view all that they are subscribed to in one location such as a web browser, desktop application, or feed reader. This way readers to not have to remember multiple URLS to look up whenever they would like to get updates on their subscriptions.

Most blogs and websites have free RSS feeds.

RSS, or Rich Site Summary, is a great way for people to able to follow their favorite webpages and blogs all at once.


Free RSS Feeds is your site for hundreds of free RSS feeds, organized into categories by your interest, and ready to embed right into your own page.


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