Oct 09 2013

What the Latest Tech News? Get It in RSS Feed

Looking for some technology RSS feeds? It is a good idea. RSS feeds are the wave of the internet future and make everything easier and quicker. Never again do you need to wait for a page to load or to constantly keep checking back, looking for updates. If you do not know what RSS feeds are, you had better read on, because you are certainly missing out.

  • Can You Define RSS Feeds?
  • RSS feeds are the actual subscription when you click on an RSS feed link. Anytime you click on one of those links, your computer sends it over to your RSS reader, which collects every single link, and keeps them constantly updated and accurate. Rather than opening the dozens of websites that you check on a daily basis, you only need to subscribe to each page’s RSS feed once. Then you never need to return there, because the news will be brought to you in a convenient little package.

  • What Is an RSS Reader?
  • The RSS reader is the software or webpage that allows you to collect the RSS feeds, translate them into readable content, and also keep them constantly and regularly updated. Without the reader, clicking on an RSS feed would just give you a scramble of code that would make no sense to your eyes.

    There are two types of RSS readers out there. You can get one that is installed as a separate software onto your computer, acting as an individual little server. This is like using Microsoft Excel to access your email. It is a completely separate program that updates itself and can run in the background of whatever it is you are doing.

    Or you can sign up for one that is based inside of a web browser. This one is particularly nice because you do not need to be tethered to a specific computer in order to access your RSS feeds. You can get onto the website from any computer, and as long as you have your login information, you will be able to get in to your RSS feeds.

  • What Kinds Are There?
  • If you can imagine it, there is a good chance that there is an RSS feed for it. All you need to do is go to your favorite website to subscribe to it. You can get technology RSS feeds, webcomics in RSS form, you can even setup your Facebook to feed you updates. Be warned! You should always get free RSS feeds. If you ever come upon a site offering a list of feeds for a small fee, it is an absolute scam, there are other places with free feeds.

There you have it. Now you know what they are and why you want to subscribe to some technology RSS feeds, or health RSS feeds, or even just general news RSS feeds. The fact is that RSS will make your life much more simple, and will save you an inordinate amount of time. You will just have to find more RSS feeds with all of that extra time on your hands.


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